Insight Outside

A Retreat On Purpose

We’re bringing Insight Outside, in Zion National Park.

After attending the same sustainability/purpose conferences for the past several years, we feel that they have become stale. We’ve come to the conclusion that the problem with conferences is that they are just that, a conference — the same speakers saying the same things, the long days of sitting and listening, and the awkward small talk.

Insight Outside is not a conference. This means no fluorescent-lit rooms, forced networking sessions, name tags, or anything else we’ve come to dislike about a typical conference. Instead, Insight Outside embodies personal and professional development, daily adventure, collaborative learning, and a communal atmosphere. Each day we will engage our bodies in outdoor activities, workshop practical communication challenges, and share insights.

Inside Outside is a 3 day, 2 night retreat for communicators and purpose-driven professionals to learn through hands-on workshops and fireside chats while engaging in outdoor activities and sharing ideas amongst one another as equals. Sometimes you need to get out of the office, set the refresh button, and realize the potential “purpose” has on elevating your business.