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Become an Xplorer Contest – Now Open for Submissions!


Picture in your mind that place you have always wanted to travel. What has been stopping you, the expenses? This year, we are launching the Become an Xplorer Contest and giving away $1,500 to help one winner travel anywhere in the world you want to go!

For the last two years, we have had a program called PARALLAXploration where our employees experience a culture and city that they have never been before. The feedback from those who have gone on PARALLAXplorations have been so overwhelmingly positive that both founders wanted to share this opportunity with non-employees through the Become an Xplorer Contest!

The applying process for the contest is simple. All you have to do is submit a fun, personal travel photo with a brief written portion or a video that is no longer than one minute and answers these questions:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Why should you be chosen as the next Xplorer?
  • What type of volunteer work would you do during your trip?

Get creative! We want to see some unique responses and something that really catches our attention. You will be able to submit your entry any time from July 15 through July 29. Make sure to swing by our official contest page to find out more details.

Your video will go through two rounds of judging. The first will be done by the public where they can view your video on our website and vote on their favorite. Then, a panel of thinkPARALLAX employees will judge the top 5 videos based on a set criteria and pick one winner!

Once the winner is chosen, they will embark on their new adventure, and create a travel journal. This will document their journey and include elements of community service, all documented by videos and photos.

If you are someone who has been itching to travel but have not been able to, this is the perfect chance for you to escape your everyday life. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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