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Books. Kids. Art. Wine?

Before we take on any new project, we ask ourselves
three simple but critical questions:

1. Do we believe in the cause?

2. Will it be a great piece for our portfolio?

3. Is there money to be made?

We are in the design business, which means we solve problems. We help businesses, organizations, companies, and associations build brands, redesign themselves, and create interest to reach audiences and tell stories about success. We’re used to going the extra mile for our clients, and sometimes that means working toward a cause for the greater good. A cause we believe in.

Rolling Readers is one of those organizations whose cause we believe in so strongly. They are a San Diego-based children’s literacy nonprofit that partners with our community’s high-need, low-income elementary schools. Their mission is simple—to inspire children to love reading through weekly Read-Aloud volunteers and twice-yearly Book Giveaways—yet the impact is immensely powerful. We understand the power of education and this organization instills the love for reading in children at a young age, creating the foundation for lifelong literacy. And like Rolling Readers we happen to love books, too!

We’ve worked on developing Rolling Readers’ brand image and visually supported their fundraising efforts over the last several years. The work has been rewarding and there has been clear results, proving the power of what good design can bring to an organization.

On June 19, Rolling Readers’ Annual Fundraising Event “Artist and Authors” will be held in downtown San Diego at the Children’s Museum. It will be a night to remember with food, wine, an art auction, book signings and more. Come and celebrate with us – knowing that your donation goes towards a great cause.

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