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Employee Spotlight: Tyler Wagner

There are a lot of moving parts behind thinkPARALLAX, and we want you to meet the people who make it happen every day. Check back to see who we’re profiling from the thinkPARALLAX team to give you insight into who we are and what drives us as individuals. And hey, maybe we can be friends, too!


Name: Tyler Wagner

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Fun fact: I once ate 10 tacos in a single sitting; regular tacos too, not mini tacos


What’s your favorite part of your job?

I’m a people-person, so naturally I enjoy meeting people. But even more so, I enjoy building relationships with our clients, and being part of a creative team. It’s fun to see big ideas come to life.

What sparks your creativity?

I’m a visual thinker, so when I’m in my creative zone, I definitely need a pen and paper (or better yet, a piece of chalk and our big red board) to sketch out my ideas and connect the dots. Group brainstorming sessions are where I’m at my most creative. I feed off of other people’s energy and ideas, and I love the safety of knowing that there’s no such thing as a “bad idea”. Granted, some of the ideas we come up with are completely ridiculous, some are hilarious, but a few turn out to be pretty good – those are the keepers.

What are you up to out of the office?

Outside the office you can find me on my bike, in the great outdoors or in the kitchen. I have a newly acquired yoga habit too, which I really enjoy.

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Why/how did you become an Account Strategist?

My path to thinkPARALLAX was kind of indirect. I started my career in fundraising and communications in the nonprofit sector. I got to work for some great organizations, doing impactful work, and I gained a lot of great experience building relationships and growing a community of supporters. While working full time, I decided to go back to school for professional certificates in graphic design and web design from UCSD extension. In 2011, serious health issues forced me to put my career on hold. But, I came back as strong as ever, and in 2013 I volunteered to serve on the planning committee for the American Marketing Association’s Cause Marketing Conference. thinkPARALLAX was a sponsor of the event, so I had the chance to meet Jonathan and the team, and we hit it off. The rest is history ☺


What cause are you most interested in?

Health, education, arts, animals and the environment.

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