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Gifts that give back

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The Holidaze are upon us.


And, according to PwC’s 2016 Holiday Outlook, US customers are poised to spend quite a bit of money on gifts this year. PwC anticipates a 10 percent increase in spending this year compared to the 2015 holiday season — more than any year since before the Great Recession.


In the spirit of the giving season, we believe that it’s incredibly important to consider where and how we spend our dollars. As a purpose-driven creative agency, we want to give to companies who contribute to the greater good.


The following three organizations are special to a few of us in the studio, so we wanted to share them — as their products make for great, socially responsible gifts.


Happy Holidays!



Love Your Melon
Mallory, our Studio Manager, likes to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones from a brand called Love Your Melon. “It’s a little like TOMS shoes — for every hat purchased, they give one to a kid in need, fighting cancer.” And, in addition to donating hats and beanies, the brand also gives 50% of their profits to partner organizations in the fight against pediatric cancer.


“While there are a lot of opportunities to purchase items from 1-for-1 companies, the idea that Love Your Melon helps benefit kids who are going through something as terrible as cancer is what keeps me going back. I’ve never experienced cancer first hand, but I do understand how scary and uncomfortable hospitals can be to a kid. So being able to give a child with the comfort of something as small as a cozy hat in a cold hospital bed is pretty awesome.


“And — bonus — they’re amazing hats. They’re soft, comfortable, don’t itch, and fit my large noggin!”

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Image courtesy of Love Your Melon


The Giving Keys
Kendall, our Social Media Producer, learned about The Giving Keys a few years ago when someone gave her one of their key necklaces as a gift. “They help employ homeless people to make the jewelry, but the jewelry itself also has special meaning. For example, the necklace I got had the word “Fearless” on it — so the idea was that I needed to do something I’ve always feared. Once I did, I was supposed to give the key necklace to somebody else so that they could do the same.


“So it’s sort of a win-win-win: getting people to stretch themselves, encouraging their friends to do the same, and helping the homeless — who make the jewelry.”


Image courtesy of The Giving Keys



Headbands of Hope
Leah, our Lead Project Manager, is friends with the founder of Headbands of Hope, an organization that provides headbands and accessories to kids with life-threatening illnesses. During her PARALLAXploration trip to India this year, Leah partnered with Headbands of Hope to spread the organization’s reach to: “I spent the day with CanKids, an organization that facilitates treatment for underprivileged children with cancer.


“For several of the children, the headband was the first gift they had ever received, and some were only a half hour out of treatment. Yet they were still happy and willing to share smiles with me. It’s amazing how something small like a headband can mean so much and bring so much joy.”

Image courtesy of Headbands of Hope


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