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Giorgio…the typeface

Giorgio type specimen. Via Christian Schwartz

Giorgio and Giorgio Sans, designed by Christian Schwartz with some help from Non-Format, is one of my favorite typefaces from the past year. Giorgio was originally designed as a custom typeface to be used in “T” magazine, a style magazine that is a part of the New York Times. I religiously read the Sunday New York Times and especially look forward to their inserted magazines and remember admiring Giorgio when it was an exclusive face. T, their style magazine, I think has become one of the most beautifully designed magazines. I have always admired and lusted for Giorgio so I was excited to hear the story behind its development and that it is now available for purchase.

Check out this video from TypoBerlin featuring Christian Schwartz talking mostly about the process and development of Giorgio & Giorgio Sans.

Spread from “T”, designed by Non-Format, featuring Giorgio. Image via Non-Format

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