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Here’s how we came to our resolutions…

Each year, thinkPARALLAX assigns our intern the task of coming up with a creative idea for our holiday card before wrapping up the internship. This year, Julia who joins us from The Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, took the lead on the project and helped create our first ever, interactive holiday card. We worked as a team to come up with New Year’s resolutions and develop a card to thank you, our clients, partners, family and friends, for your support this year. But we had the most fun experimenting with photography that showed off our individual thinkPARALLAX quirks and humor.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the making of our thinkPARALLAX holiday card…

The thinkPARALLAX team “looking back” on 2012.

And now a word from Zen Master Allen: Confucius say… A designer with challenging deadline, rises to the occasion.


Ine juggling many props. At least she’s safe with her knee and elbow pads.


Mark finally gets the super hero power of flight!


Edison’s view from the top… of a bookshelf. Julia is clearly exhausted from art directing.


Mama Guusje tries to help Edison off the shelf after his photo shoot.


Take 1, Take 14, Take 32… time for a new idea Jonathan?

To view the finished product, visit our holiday card. (You might even find your name.) Happy Holidays from the thinkPARALLAX team!



  1. Burt Lo

    Happy Holidays, Parallax! Thanks for making our work look so amazing! Here’s to a productive and fruitful 2013!


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