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How’s your quality of life?

On January 17th, San Diegans mingled along turtle reef at Sea World to celebrate our environment, economy and regional community. With a drink in one hand and the 2013 San Diego Regional Quality of Life dashboard in the other, members of industry, government and community came together to talk about the issues, improvements and room for growth in our region that Equinox Center is working to shed light on. In the last year, there has been a slow but steady improvement in job growth, a slight improvement in housing affordability, and renewable energy and air quality is continuing to move in the right direction. But there is still room for progress when it comes to water quality and transportation.

The Equinox Center shows off their 2013 dashboard.

thinkPARALLAX was proud to be a part of Equinox’s efforts to inform the community and work on a cause that we hold dear to our hearts: the future of San Diego.

Equinox Center came to thinkPARALLAX looking to create a dashboard that was easy to read and could be used as a reference throughout the year. Each year, the dashboard combines Equinox Center’s research efforts with their outreach strategy to advance intelligent policy in the region. The updated look and feel needed to not only be easy to read, but also enhance credibility and trustworthiness for the organization.

After diving into the content, thinkPARALLAX devised a strategy to streamline overall readability, guide the eye though the report using a color and icon system, divide repeating details into clear subsections, and improve infographics. Each section also provided advice for improving quality of life with a “1 idea for change” highlight.

Color and icon strategy from grouping information

In the end, Equinox Center and thinkPARALLAX collaborated to deliver a report that helps to improve regional awareness, highlights important regional growth, and allows readers to access a depth of information in an easy to digest manner. It was a pleasure to finally share it with the community. We hope that you will check out this year’s dashboard to learn more about what you can do to make a difference!

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