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Inspiring Spaces and Places

Image via Roman and Williams

Inspiration can come from so many different places and I am always interested in hearing about inspirations for projects graphic design related or not. I get inspired from many different places, but I have always been heavily fueled by architecture and interior design. I first heard about Roman & Williams when they started to redo the Ace Hotel in New York a few years ago, their work is incredible and I find them very inspiring. They are so focused on the subconscious reactions people are having to their work and how people feel when they are in a space, which definitely shows in their work. I also love their constant adherence to authenticity, everything they do feels very real, honest and authentic.

Two shots of Roman and Williams’ office in New York from Roman and Williams

This is a fantastic documentary short on them and their philosophies about design, I especially love the short part where they talk about the world we live in today and real value vs. perceived value. These ideals carry over to their own space which is awesome, look at those bookshelves! The documentary comes from The Scout who has been working on a brilliant series about craftsmanship.

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