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Is Your Business Water Aware?

Today is Colorado River Day, a day to celebrate the river’s renaming from the “Grand” to the “Colorado,” and honoring the waterway that provides San Diego County with more than half it’s water.

Water use restrictions in SD County just became mandatory as of yesterday (check out the full list of restrictions) but fortunately, businesses are already playing a major role in water conservation.

With increased water awareness, businesses are implementing measures to cut water waste, and designing products that use less water and creating new economic opportunities for the region. For example, at Hunter Industries, a San Marcos-based manufacturer, the company needs water to test the irrigation products they produce, to clean and cool machinery, and to accommodate their 1,500 employees on a daily basis. To consume less water from the Colorado River, Hunter uses an onsite well, a gray water recycling system, and has converted some of its landscaping to native habitat, which requires no irrigation.

Hunter set a goal to reduce water use by 15 percent from a 2014 baseline (See more at Hunter’s Social Responsibility Report, designed by thinkPARALLAX!). In addition, the company sponsors Change the Course, a global water sustainability campaign  that inspires people to conserve water and restore the Colorado river. Today, Colorado River Day, Hunter is asking its employees in the U.S. and Mexico to take the Change the Course pledge to reduce their personal water use.  For each pledge made, 1,000 gallons of water will be restored through restoration projects in the Colorado River. Hunter’s efforts will be highlighted at an upcoming Business of Water Corporate Leaders Summit in Las Vegas.

We need to be particularly water-smart out here in the West and water conservation is something all businesses and individuals should be thinking about. 100+ Ways To Conserve has lots of tips for reducing your personal water use that you can apply at home and at work.

Learn more about the Colorado River.

Learn more about Change the Course.


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