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Jonathan’s PARALLAXploration

I have a yearly pilgrimage to Holland to visit my in-laws, yet each time I find new inspiration with design, architecture and the little nuances of daily life. This time we added in a biking and boating trip down the Rhine into Germany, so I’m kicking off our PARALLAXploration initiative by sharing a few things that inspired me on this recent trip.

1. New places to share your message

IMG_0416 IMG_0428

2. Less is more. This faucet does double-duty as on/off switch that also controls water temperature.


3. Barcodes now come in shapes that enforce your message.


4. Sustainability messages are everywhere in Europe! This one is at Heathrow Airport where it rains constantly.


And here are a few other travel pictures:

Looking forward to seeing what inspired our team as they head off on their journeys over the next three months. Follow us on Instagram @thinkPARALLAX or check back here!


    What a truly inspirational idea and such a long-lasting and meaningful benefit for your employees!

    I also love to learn for a living and the times in my life where I have learned the most have been on my travels and work in other countries – Belize, Namibia, Vietnam, Australia, etc.

    Bon voyage to your team members and I am excited to read their posts,



  2. Bryan Snyder

    This is awesome! I look forward to seeing the designs that are inspired from each of your employees’ wanders.

    Congrats on a very cool idea and keeping your team motivated, inspired and well traveled.



  3. Jennifer Juckett

    What a fantastic way to invest in your employees! I look forward to seeing everyone’s adventures! – Jenn J.


  4. Ranessa Ashton

    Exceptionally creative and inspiring–of course!


  5. Diane

    This brings employee engagement to a whole new dimension! I love the pictures, the captions, the emotions and the art from around the planet. Kudos for having such a great vision!


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