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Parallax-ing for 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 yearsIf you’d told Guusje and I back in our garage in 2003 that we’d eventually be working on national and international projects that would have an impact on millions of people, we wouldn’t have believed it.

But, as with anything in life, if you work hard toward something you believe in and you have the right team in place, anything is possible.

In celebration of our 10 years (10 years 9 months to be exact) we decided to take a look back at our history and how we’ve gotten to where we are today. And what better way to do it than by creating a parallax-ing 10 year timeline.

Today, “parallax” is most often associated with the popular website scrolling effect, but when we agreed on thinkPARALLAX as the name of our business, it was long before that existed. The word parallax refers to objects appearing different when viewed from different positions. That stood for who we were and how we worked. We’ve always looked at every project and every situation from every angle. It’s not about pretty pictures, but about effectively and efficiently communicating to the audience while knowing all potential angles. This mantra is still true to this day and has helped guide us in our success.

Take a look at our parallaxing timeline and be part of our history as we move into the future.

Here’s to 10 more great years!

Jonathan + Guusje

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