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Parallax Social Responsibility

We spend a lot of time helping companies tell the story of the good they’re doing.

For our larger clients, activities like corporate philanthropy, investing in employee benefits and safety, and adopting environmentally friendly business practices are often grouped under the category of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

With the help of clients like Sempra Energy, Hunter Industries, and NextEra Energy, we’ve learned a lot about best practices in CSR, and along the way, we’ve become a more socially responsible business ourselves.

We thought it would be fun to document (via photo-essay) the best practices we’ve adopted over the years.  We call it “PSR” – the thinkPARALLAX Social Responsibility program.

Enjoy! And, feel free to adopt these responsible practices at your place of business!


thinkPARALLAX PSR Chalkboard
We use our chalk-wall instead of paper.

thinkPARALLAX PSR Projector


thinkPARALLAX PSR Guusje
Guusje, our Creative Director, gives back to the community by volunteering as an art teacher at a local school twice a week.
When we can, we leave our cars at home, and walk or bike to work.
thinkPARALLAX encourages and supports public transportation, and offers reimbursement for employees (like Allen) who take the train to work. Luckily the train station is only a few blocks from our office.
thinkPARALLAX PSR Clothing Exchange
thinkPARALLAX hosts a quarterly clothing exchange where 15+ bags of clothes are donated each time to a local woman’s shelter.
thinkPARALLAX PSR Lighting
We installed energy-efficient lighting in our office to go along with our natural sky-lights.
We try to keep a healthy work-life balance and get together for team outings every other month.
We try to keep a healthy work-life balance and get together for team outings every other month.

thinkPARALLAX Giving for 2013

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