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PARALLAXploration 2015 – Wrap up

In 2015 thinkPARALLAX continued our internal employee engagement program, PARALLAXploration. This year we gave each of our employees $1,500 and an extra paid day off to travel anywhere in the world – to learn, be inspired, and do some good along the way.

Xplorers partnered with a variety of charities around the world and, in each case, donated time and talent back to the local community. From learning about toward a more sustainable way of life in Ecuador to working with children in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, each of us returned with incredible experiences, great stories to tell, and a fresh perspective on the world. To read the stories from each of our Xplorers’ trips, click here.

New for this year, we also launched the Become an Xplorer contest. The idea for the contest was roughly the same as our internal Xploration program: one lucky winner would receive $1500 to travel anywhere in the world and do some good. Our hopes were that the contest would round out our experiences by providing an additional perspective – we’d be giving someone else a chance to inspire others and raise awareness for causes that otherwise might go unnoticed.

When we launched the contest, we didn’t anticipate that the final outcome would so greatly exceed our expectations. Xplorer Elizabeth Asha traveled to northern India to assist Tibetan refugees who are living in exile from the Chinese government at the Lha Charity. Her descriptions of the Tibetan people, their struggles, and what she saw and learned during her travels are both inspiring and eye opening. To read Elizabeth’s story, click here.

This year, we’re going to revisit PARALLAXploration with another fresh take on the program. Stay tuned for details about 2016.


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