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PARALLAXploration continues to spread around the world

We’re in Brazil! Well, not literally, but I’m happy to announce that our PARLLAXploration idea continues to spread in Brazil! This is our second time being featured in a Brazilian publication in the last three months.

I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Globo–the largest and most watched television network in Brazil and most of South America. They wanted to learn the inspiration behind the PARALLAXploration program and the associated benefits we found.

Fantástico, the most popular news broadcast program on the Globo network, featured the interview, along with video footage and photos from our trips. The segment features thinkPARALLAX and a few other companies across the world that has seen benefits from focusing on employee happiness. You can check out our company highlight between 3:00 – 4:05 minutes.

Now watch our ideas spread on Brazilian TV here!

We don’t speak Portuguese, and in case you don’t either, we had our segment translated.

Max, the interviewer, discusses the overall purpose of our program and explains what sparked his interest in our program. He says, by doing the same thing everyday, it’s easy to have the same-ol’, same-ol’ attitude to the projects we’re working on and to become complacent. But when we travel and go out into the world, we meet new people, hear new ideas, and then we are able to come back energized, more creative, and more interested in our work.

Max nailed it. At thinkPARALLAX we’re proud to be effective and creative communicators but we all need to be reenergized at times. PARALLAXploration aims to inspire our employees and provide them with energizing experiences that allow them to continue to create exceptional work for our clients. Check out our last blog post on all the different ways that we’ve felt the benefit of the PARALLAXploration program here.

We’re thrilled that PARALLAXploration continues to positively affect those in our office, our community and within our larger global community.

How do you get inspired at work?


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