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Positive results from our PARALLAXploration program!

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When we announced in July that we were sending all employees on inspirational trips all over the globe, we received lots of feedback – mostly people excited about the experience and wishing they worked here. But some people were skeptical and wondered whether we’d get the results we hoped for, namely a creative and motivated workforce.

Now that we’ve all returned from our trips, I wanted to share the many ways in which our company has benefitted from the program. Some results are as we expected, and some surprised us!

Loyalty: After returning, employees agreed that they felt increased loyalty and a desire to work hard. They saw how valued and appreciated they were as employees and team members.

Team Cohesion: As each team member left, the rest of the crew needed to put in extra effort to fill in the gaps and keep the projects moving forward. It was more than “engagement,” it felt like family bonding and a real commitment to covering for each other.

Engagement: We made a point of keeping each employee’s destination a secret, which created anticipation for each person’s trip. From the beginning through the entire program, employees remained engaged and excited about the program.

Inspiration: Each employee was inspired and engaged in new—and different—ways. They conquered fears, solved problems, learned about new cultures, and saw many things from a new angle. That inspiration has continued upon their return, positively influencing design, work ethic, and overall morale. When each team member returned and made their slide show presentation to the staff, it felt like we were all there with them on the trip. Each of us learned about each country and culture, opening our eyes to even more new ideas.

Bonus Inspiration:

Recruitment – There have been hundreds of applicants and interest from around the world and we’ve recruited two new project managers. We’ve also been noticed by leading agencies locally, nationally, and internationally.

Clients – Several of our existing clients have reached out to us for new projects around creative programs – both internally to engage employees and externally for customers. We’ve also gained attention from potential clients that could turn into new business.

International attention – We shared the story of our PARALLAXploration with several local and national news outlets and landed stories in Fast Company, AdWeek, Huffington Post, and leading publications around the world including Brazil, Italy, Germany, and 40+ others.

Increased Reach:
Due to the unexpected media frenzy we received 69,800 page views on our website in the month of October, and there were more than 55,000 views and shares of our story on the various media outlets. A conservative estimate of our total reach is more than 1,000,000 people. And by using #PARALLAXploration content on social media we were able to successfully build our following, nearly quadrupling our Facebook following since we announced the program in July.

Overall, the program exceeded our expectations and we’re excited to continue devising new ways to engage, inspire, and develop our team in years to come!

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