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On the go with QR codes

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You can remember a great ad, but can you remember that tiny URL in the bottom corner? Try using a QR code next time.

What’s a QR code? A “Quick Response” code is a matrix bar code designed for high speed decoding on smartphones. They receive content like links to websites, text messages, phone numbers, calendar events, videos or even online purchases or downloads — which you can then save, use instantly, or share.

If you’re in a hurry, just scan the code onto your phone and save it for later. As technology advances rapidly and continues to influence our lifestyles, QR Codes become more and more useful.

If your smartphone doesn’t come with a QR code reader, you can download apps like:
1. RedLaser (free product barcode scanner too!)
2. Barcode Scanner (product barcode scanner too!)
3. Barcodes Scanner (free and straightforward app)

DIY: You can create QR codes yourself. Websites or programs like http://qrcode.littleidiot.be/ generate custom QR codes. Check out the one we just created for thinkPARALLAX!


Passerby’s on foot or by car can quickly scan this billboard ad from Calvin Klein to get more info.

Calvin Klein Jeans Billboard Ad
Calvin Klein Jeans Billboard Ad


Tesco innovates how people shop through their Homeplus Subway Virtual Store by useing QR bar codes to purchase items from your phone to be delivered to your home.

Tesco Virtual Subway Store
Tesco Virtual Subway Store using only QR bar codes to shop
Tesco QR code scan
Tesco QR code scan



  1. Yuki

    Great article!
    QR code has been popular in Japan for a little less than 10 years, and still is a powerful way of communication.

    The only thing is that it looks chunky and ugly.. but there are some creative ones like these! (http://mashable.com/2011/07/23/creative-qr-codes/)


  2. Employment


    QR codes and advertising | Parascope: From Parallax | Full-Service Creative Agency…


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