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thinkPARALLAX releases new issue of Perspectives: The Anatomy of Healthy CSR Reporting


thinkPARALLAX is excited to announce the release of new issue of Perspectives: The Anatomy of Healthy CSR Reporting. The piece looks at five strategies for creating effective CSR communication – citing several examples of successful CSR communications and offering insights for organizations seeking to up the value of their reporting efforts.

Perspectives was created when thinkPARALLAX noticed that many CSR initiatives do not get the attention they deserve. According to thinkPARALLAX’s Jeff Sutton, VP, Client Strategy, “At thinkPARALLAX, we believe that CSR is a powerful story for any organization to tell – it can engage stakeholders, motivate workforces, in some cases even grow the bottom line.”

He continues: “But we’ve seen how organizations sometimes undercut their own efforts, just because they don’t communicate what they are doing effectively. Really powerful CSR stories end up buried in the pages of a dense, technical report that isn’t read by ninety percent of stakeholders. It’s sad.”

Perspectives seeks to prevent organizations from falling into such traps. “Hopefully, this will help a least a few organizations see how they can make their CSR communications more effective.”

To download the complete free report, click here: www.thinkparallax.com/perspectives/project/healthy-csr-reporting/

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