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thinkPARALLAX launches #smilestarter campaign to celebrate World Smile Day


We believe that a smile can be contagious. So in honor of World Smile Day on October 2nd, we’re out to get more people grinning.

thinkPARALLAX is releasing 8000 #smilestarter cards into the wild. The front of each card contains a compliment, thought, or lighthearted suggestion that’s designed to delight. The back of the card encourages the recipient of the card to (1) post to social media using the #smilestarter hashtag, and
(2) pass the card on.

Our hope is that people will get behind the idea of the campaign and help us spread the smiles.

For every social media post with the #smilestarter hashtag, thinkPARALLAX will donate $1 to Kids for Peace, an organization that cultivates children’s ability to foster peace – through cross cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service, and environmental projects.

Thanks for reading. Now get out there and start smiling!

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