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Two New Ingredients

Entering into 2012, it was clear that thinkPARALLAX was steadily growing. With new and exciting jobs and clients on the horizon, it was evident we needed more hands on deck, and we were ready to expand our creative team. We didn’t have to look very far to find our two newest talented hires, Mark Ngolab and Allen Ramirez. Mark started as a contract developer for thinkPARALLAX, and we first worked with Allen as a thinkPARALLAX intern and later as a freelancer. Now that we’ve made it official, it’s time for you to meet the newest members of our team…

Allen Ramirez, Designer

Allen’s passion for graffiti and urban art, gives him a fresh perspective and extra edge as a designer. An illustrator at heart, Allen was the kid in grammar school that his friends “hired” to doodle on their binders. Today he incorporates his talent for illustrating into his everyday work with typography, logos and graphic design. When he’s not sketching in his “black book,” Allen can be found skating around town, snowboarding or surfing. And to answer the question on everyone’s minds — he’s been growing those dreads since 2004.

Watch Allen illustrating on his kitchen table.

Mark Ngolab, Developer

He’s been coding websites since the early days of AOL. He built his first computer as a college freshman. He one day hopes to develop an app for the iPad. He’s Batman! Actually he’s Mark Ngolab. (But he is big fan of Batman.) What started as a hobby has now grown into a passion, as Mark adapts to the ever-changing world of web development, working with HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, WordPress and Drupal. This tech guru’s eye for design paired with years of development experience makes him the final piece of the thinkPARALLAX puzzle.

They’re looking forward to adding their creative juice to the punch and we are too. Read more about the rest of our team.

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