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Volunteering for National Day of Service and Remembrance

In honor of National Day of Service and Remembrance, the thinkPARALLAX team volunteered at Ocean Knoll Farm – an educational farm that provides fresh produce to the Encinitas Unified School District and local residents in need. Scroll below to see what we learned along the way!


Welcome to OK Farm!


This milkweed is part of a pollination garden that attracts bees and monarch butterflies. Not all milkweed plants are created equal – some are grown using pesticides that can actually kill the helpful bees and butterflies so you want to make sure you know what you’re getting when you buy your plants.


This garden shed was made by school children out of recycled bottles and is a great way to teach that (with a little creativity), trash can become useful again.


This is apparently how NOT to water your plants. Water on the leaves + lots of sun = scorched leaves! It’s better to get down low and water right at the roots.


Ideally, you want to plant your strawberries an inch apart.


Together, we harvested 30 pounds of organic produce for the school lunch program!


Thanks for the opportunity Ocean Knoll Farm! We enjoyed weeding, harvesting, and planting far more than we expected. We’ll be back!


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