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What do we do all day?

It’s a creative agency. Things appear magically upon request… right?

Not quite. Ever wonder what thinkPARALLAX packs into a 9-hour day? Many people and moving parts work together to make sure we stay creative and stay on deadline. Although some days can be pretty hectic, we still manage to make things entertaining for ourselves and our clients — that’s what keeps our creative juices flowing! So sit back and relax, as we walk you through a typical day at thinkPARALLAX.

Weekly kick-off
We kick off each week with a team breakfast and review of our jobs in progress and deadlines.

Jonathan is always full of creative ideas.
Brainstorming Battle
… And occasionally there are disagreements. ;)
Basecamp Master
After our meeting, Project Manager Elizabeth makes sure designers stay on task, clients are happy and deadlines for each project are met.
Senior Designer
Senior Designer Edison researches photography for a corporate responsibility report.
… and if he doesn’t find what he needs, he doubles as a photographer and shoots the photos himself!
Design Time
Designer Allen, works on the Continuing Education “Stop the Hate” Campaign
Allen always keeps things fresh with his hand drawn illustrations.
Team Feedback
The team weighs in on the design options.
Creative Direction
Creative Director Guusje gives feedback on the “Stop the Hate” Campaign posters before sending work to the client.


Building Websites
Developer Mark utilizes lots of different technology, as he develops and tests a new website.
Website Design
Guusje and Mark give Allen feedback for a new website design. Elizabeth makes sure no edits are missed!
Drupal time
Mark then implements the approved designs through Drupal (pretty technical stuff).
Director of Client Services
Throughout the day, Jonathan works with current and potential clients to create and achieve marketing goals.
Lunch Time
If he’s not meeting with new clients, you might find him at the panini maker inventing a new sandwich.
Style guide master
Edison’s incredible attention to detail makes him a pro at creating extensive brand style guides.
After lunch, the printer arrives with new workbooks for Southern California Edison’s Leadership Program.
Stamp of approval
Guusje reviews the final product and gives her stamp of approval.
Finished Product
Ta-da! It’s always fun to see the finished product.
Team Work
Allen and Elizabeth package new workbooks before sending to the client.
Nap time
All of this hard work is quite exhausting for “office assistant” Newton. It’s time to call it a day!




  1. Val Sachs

    This is a great tool! We’ve met Guusje, Jonathan, Mark and Elizabeth. So cool to meet the other memebers of the team….including Newton!


  2. Tavo Solorzano

    Bravo! Thank you to the creative team at Parallax. Though, why have I not met Newton yet?


  3. Ranessa Ashton

    Wonderful peek into the creative minds that are helping us build our brand and maintain a professional level of design!

    Hey–I’m not certain it’s fair to call an animal a “dog” if it could be probably be taken down by a cat!


  4. Susan Kun

    Love getting to know your team and putting the names to faces (especially, “our Edison”).

    Now you’ve got us all wanting to work for you.


  5. gregzapar

    Looks like you guys are having fun and producing some beautiful work! Well done!


  6. Ali

    Fun to see you all in action!! Great idea.


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