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Wrangling the next best way to shop online?

Clothes are flat but we are not.

The best way to buy clothes is to go to a store and try it on yourself. But, what if you shop online, as many people do, and can only rely on models wearing it?

Wrangler (Europe) found a creative way to showcase their Blue Bell Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, their “superior example of design and quality”, with a clever way to experience their clothes.

Check it out here: Wrangler Blue Bell Website.

Push and pull the model. Flip him around to see the other side. Rip a shirt off. See how the clothes not only fit, but also move. Catch the details of quality clothing. Could this be the chance for an envious customer to bully models and turn them into puppets? Maybe.

Either way, Wrangler gets you to preview their latest collection in a fun, interactive way. All online clothing stores should follow suit, for all their looks.

What a way to herd the cattle to the stores—bravo.

  1. Shawn P.

    Such a cleaver way to allow the customer to see all sides of a product. The inability to touch and manipulate a product been a contributing factor in holding back some online shops. I hope this inspires a whole new way to think of the online marketplace!


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