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Purpose-driven employees are your strongest brand ambassadors

by Guusje Bendeler on Tuesday January 23, 2018

You’ve probably read the proliferation of literature about the benefits of hiring purpose-driven employees, which can result in increased productivity, higher retention rates, and more effective col.... READ MORE

5 Hacks to activate purpose in the workplace

by Jonathan Hanwit on Friday January 12, 2018

It should come as no surprise that purpose - defined as your company’s aspirational reason for being beyond profit - plays a key role in the direction of your business on multiple levels. Purpose is.... READ MORE

6 Things to consider when developing a community impact strategy

by Jonathan Hanwit on Tuesday November 14, 2017

Last month, thinkPARALLAX supported The Shine Project Foundation, a San Diego-based nonprofit that partners with local businesses and organizations to provide enrichment activities for children in th.... READ MORE

5 Tests to sharpen your citizenship strategy

by Tyler Wagner on Thursday November 23, 2017

If you want to reap the benefits of good corporate citizenship — stronger reputation, better employee engagement, greater social license to operate, deeper customer relationships — you’ve got to.... READ MORE

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The 2 most important pages of your sustainability report

by Tyler Wagner on Wednesday August 23, 2017

For this post, I’m going to narrow the focus to what I believe are the two most important pages of your report: the CEO Letter..... READ MORE

The purpose conflict - Confessions of a purpose-driven agency founder

by Guusje Bendeler on Monday April 17, 2017

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Imperative’s Purpose Leadership training. While there, I took the time to reflect – not only on my own journey as the leader of a purpose-driven age.... READ MORE

7 Tips to make your sustainability story worth reading

by Jonathan Hanwit on Tuesday June 13, 2017

Living and breathing in the sustainability communications space for the last eight years sometimes feels like listening to a broken record. We’re constantly encountering like-minded, passionate envi.... READ MORE

Uber’s leadership crisis and how values impact brand

by Tyler Wagner on Monday October 23, 2017

It appears that Uber’s chickens have come home to roost. A steady drip of negative stories over the past several weeks has snowballed into a full communications crisis — one that peaked recently,.... READ MORE

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Purpose-driven employees are your strongest brand ambassadors-