2015 southwest airlines one report

Southwest Airlines’ One Report comprehensively covers the company’s financial, social, and environmental performance, communicated through the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Performance. With the 2015 One Report, Southwest’s goal was not only to inform Employees, Customers, Shareholders, and the public about their overall strategy and performance, but to do so in a way that engages those broad audiences, and leverages digital communications tools including animated video and infographics.

our angle

In our second consecutive year working on the Southwest Airlines One Report, we challenged ourselves and the project team to gain a better understanding of our audience’s needs and communications preferences, and to adjust our approach accordingly.

To accomplish this objective, we engaged with a broad cross-section of employees, volunteers, partner organizations, suppliers, and other key stakeholders to gain greater insight into the impact of Southwest’s initiatives.

The information we gathered, combined with our knowledge and expertise in corporate reporting trends and best practices, allowed us to develop a solution to simplify content and data from previous years’ reports and focus our creative energy on telling the compelling stories behind the numbers.

Our creative output included delivery of a dedicated One Report microsite, including a series of animated videos, stand-alone infographics, and a fully-interactive PDF report with a custom report-builder tool.

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Watch below for one of the animated videos we created as part of this project.