california western school of law: marketing campaign

California Western School of Law came to thinkPARALLAX with the goal of increasing visibility and brand recognition among prospective students, potential employers, and peers in the field of education. They wanted to create a campaign that would help them to achieve their goals, as well as provide a fresh overall look and feel that could carry across school collateral.

our angle

We began with an in-depth discovery period in which we came to understand the school’s challenges and identified under-recognized strengths as well as the school’s overall identity, culture, and vision. We learned that what set CalWestern apart from other law schools is the amazing downtown San Diego location, personalized law school experience, and diversity. Rather than simply featuring students in wearing suits in libraries like many of their competitors, we decided to emphasize the unique attributes of the school and highlight real students enjoying sun-kissed San Diego. We developed a new look and feel for external materials, campaign messaging, a variety of printed and digital materials, and guidelines for extending the campaign beyond the initial deliverables.


The resulting “Expect More. Be More. Do More” campaign utilized compelling visuals and copy to create a young, hip appeal for CalWestern. Excited by the outcome of the ads, postcards, and digitals assets we created for the campaign, CalWestern decided to also revamp their admissions materials with a similar look and feel. We worked with CalWestern to re-think their current collection of admissions pamphlets, and transformed the information into one cohesive viewbook. By implementing a fresh new strategy, adding lively copy and images of real students at locations that are appealing to prospective students (surfing! bike riding! exploring downtown!), and introducing a new creative format, we created law school admission materials that attract students in entirely new ways.


“The team at thinkPARALLAX is dedicated to understanding their clients’ culture, needs, and to knowing where they can be nudged outside their comfort zone. We felt confident that the risk they encouraged us to take was well thought out and artfully executed. Our new material is eye-catching, warm, and engaging, and will influence the look and feel of our communications for years to come. We are excited to share these new materials with our prospective students!”

Pam Hardy
Director, Marketing & Communications