edison international: navigate new hire orientation

Edison International, parent company of Southern California Edison, came to thinkPARALLAX looking to revamp their new hire orientation program, starting from scratch. The goal was to create a brand for the program, custom-designed learning activities (including puzzles, role plays, card sorting, games, and others), and a fresh Prezi presentation that would engage, excite, and educate new employees.

our angle

We began by taking the time to really understand the culture of Edison International, focusing on what would engage new hires on a personal level. From there we created a new look and feel that complements the Edison brand while providing fresh visual direction.

Orientations can often be seen as administrative and boring, but we wanted to make this a memorable experience. We felt that it was important to make the audience feel as if they are apart of a club or special initiation into the company. We used the Prezi platform instead of a linear PowerPoint presentation to have the capabilities of a more interactive experience rather than a linear slide by slide presentation. That, in concert with the activities we devised, provide all the information, tools, and resources new hires need to start a successful career at Southern California Edison and Edison International.


Every new employee hired goes through the two-day Navigate program. After completing the program, they walk away with a new perspective of the company and a clear understanding of what’s available to them and what’s expected of them. By presenting this information in this fun, interactive way, Navigate helps jump-start the success of new employees and increases overall retention rates. This program has helped to create cohesion across the company so that all employees are privy to the same exciting introduction to the company and begin working with the same breadth of information.


check out the navigate video