branding and designing forest trends’ supply change

Forest Trends, a Washington DC-based NGO aimed at promoting sustainable forest management and fostering a growing appreciation for the value in all natural ecosystems, approached thinkPARALLAX to help brand their latest project, Supply Change. This project is a platform for businesses, investors, governments, and civil society organizations to access real-time news, data, and analysis that catalogs and contextualizes global progress toward much-used commodities like palm oil, soy, timber & pulp, and cattle. Supply Change’s vision is to empower companies to pursue transparency, action, and leadership to mitigate their environmental impacts through improved commodity value chain management.

our angle

Data can be complex and not easily digestible in its untouched format. Since Forest Trends compiles data on current businesses, we created compelling infographics and visuals to present this data in not only an eye-catching way, but in an easy-to-consume manner. As Forest Trends’ creative communications partner, thinkPARALLAX worked with their team to develop the look and feel that would visually connect with the Forest Trends brand, and reflect the tone and attributes that would resonate with target audiences. From there, we used this brand to design a printed report and an evolving website that showcased real-time data. Focusing on engaging iconography and easy-to-digest graphs, we developed a highly visual data-driven report for businesses to utilize when making key partnership decisions. The website will continue to grow and evolve as more and more commitment profiles are added, keeping companies accountable for their sustainability promises.