international paper’s 2015 coordinated reporting

International Paper (a global leader in packaging, pulp, and paper) is committed to strengthening their employees and the communities where they live and work, and delivering sustainable, long-term value for not only investors, but for the broad group of stakeholders the business impacts. We worked with International Paper to create a comprehensive suite of Corporate Overview materials that captured all of their efforts and results related to people, planet, and performance, as well as supplemental materials aimed at specific stakeholders.

International Paper’s 2015 Coordinated Reporting efforts marked a significant shift, as it was the first of several steps toward talking about Global Citizenship in a new way—as something integral to everything they do, rather than something that exists separate from how they do business.

By combining International Paper’s 2015 financial performance data with their 2015 environmental and social performance, we were not only able to streamline their corporate reporting efforts, but also communicates that the company’s track record of strong financial performance is closely linked to their commitment to global citizenship.

We focused on making suite of materials digestible and shareable by integrating infographics, pull quotes, highlight stories, and visual representations of data. The goal was to create an overview that is dense with information, but presented in a way that employees, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders can easily comprehend and share.

These efforts also helped ensure that International Paper communicated in a consistent voice and gave shareholders and those previously interested only in the financials of the business, a closer look at the the environmental and social efforts of the company.

In addition to the company overview piece, we also created a GRI index for stakeholders looking for detailed 2015 sustainability data, as well as several other materials for specific audiences.


Check out the reports here:

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