international paper’s 2013 sustainability report

International Paper is a global leader in the paper and packaging industry with manufacturing operations on five continents. The company is committed to the responsible management of forests and natural resources and has developed 12 goals aimed at reducing its environmental impact and influencing positive social change. Its annual Sustainability Report tracks progress toward the goals and the company’s continuous efforts to improve operations and reduce its footprint.

International Paper looked to thinkPARALLAX to help convert the data they’d collected as part of the company’s 2013 GRI certification into compelling materials that convey the International Paper story and sustainability efforts.

our angle

Corporate social responsibility reports are traditionally organized according to a company’s efforts related to people, planet, and profit, but we saw the opportunity to present International Paper’s sustainability efforts in a unique way. As a paper company, International Paper has direct environmental effects during each step in its paper-making process—from forestry to sourcing, manufacturing, products, and recycling. We worked with our GRI partner, ISOS Group, to organize the content according to the product lifecycle, showing how all of the steps are interconnected. This not only creates a logical flow of information, but also provides a compelling storyline that conveys the information in a meaningful way.

In addition to redeveloping the structure of the report, we wanted to make the information more relatable. Recognizing that CSR reporting doesn’t have to be dry, we humanized the report by featuring real employees from around the world to represent each life cycle step. This took the processes from abstract to tangible. Through pull quotes and real-life anecdotes, we brought the report to life both visually and narratively.


In all of International Paper’s 2013 sustainability materials, we’ve transformed raw data into compelling story lines that highlight the interconnectivity of the company’s global efforts. Whether stakeholders receive the 74-page printed report, experience the report website, view an overview brochure, or watch the sustainability report presentation we’ve created, they walk away with not only an understanding of International Paper’s environmental and social efforts, but also a greater connection to the company.

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