concept, design + development of nextera energy interactive corporate responsibility report

As a leading clean energy company, monitoring environmental issues and reporting on emissions is a high priority for NextEra Energy. With so much information to share, NextEra Energy wanted a way to be transparent and provide valuable, easily accessible information to a wide range of stakeholders.

NextEra Energy has published a Corporate Responsibility Report over the last several years, but with so much information to deliver, they were in need of a complete website overhaul that would allow them to engage and inform their audience about the challenges, strengths and opportunities that the company experienced throughout the year.

our angle

NextEra Energy partnered with thinkPARALLAX and ISOS Group, who specializes in sustainability reporting and CSR consulting, to design and develop a digital experience that would achieve both a streamlined and engaging user experience, and meet the necessary GRI standards. thinkPARALLAX faced the challenge of converting a 75-page print report into an online experience that was well structured and easy to navigate. This would allow NextEra Energy to provide transparent reporting to its audience and avoid burying information within a complex website. We approached the navigation and site structure from an audience perspective, making it easy for users to find exactly what was important and relevant to their needs. Interactive info graphics helped to break down complex information, as well as highlight NextEra Energy’s positive performance this year and its opportunities for next year. “Spotlight” stories, side bar videos and pull quotes helped to bring a more human element to their corporate responsibility story.