polycom’s interactive career development site

Having a vision of the future is an essential part of motivation and growth in any job position. Polycom wanted to create a tool unique to its company that would allow its employees to explore multiple career paths within the organization, based on their personal strengths, and set goals for development into new roles within the company. This tool is one of the first of its kind, one that is unique to Polycom and their video conferencing and telepresence industry.

our angle

Polycom enlisted the expertise of thinkPARALLAX to create a custom online tool that would provide a friendly user experience for a site with a large amount of content; to design a look and feel that was on-brand, but was also relevant and relatable to the internal culture at Polycom; and to develop and launch a functional and scalable online tool that could be expanded to serve other organizations within the company in the future. We came up with the name CareerNavigator to illustrate the tool’s purpose of exploring career paths and navigating through career options and goals at Polycom. We also designed visual cues that not only tied into the “navigation” theme, but also helped to define the user experience and direct the user through exploring multiple paths, selecting future goals and creating an action-based plan for the future. We created features for sharing goals with managers and allowing managers to provide feedback to foster collaboration and support within each department.


In the first months of the launch, the site engaged more than 400 employees, and will eventually be utilized by over 2000 employees as an interactive tool for creating a career development plan. Shortly after, three additional departments requested that the tool to be customized for their employees. With the scalability of the tool, thinkPARALLAX will add additional career paths for more Polycom departments in 2014.

Most importantly, CareerNavigator has motivated Polycom employees to continue to grow and take on more leadership roles within the company. It has shown Polycom employees that they are valued and that their individual success is a part of the overall success of the organization.