qualcomm annual report about people

Since 2006, Qualcomm Employee Communications has published what they call their “Annual Report About People.” It’s an internal report that highlights the year’s internal accomplishments and employee activities.

When Qualcomm first came to us, they wanted to create a report that celebrates employees, company culture, and their business and technology achievements. They not only needed a unique and engaging way to connect with their audience, but also a way to identify and gather information that would be authentic and interesting to their internal audience.


our angle

Each year we collaborate with Qualcomm’s Employee Communications team to reinvent to report, and design a new look and feel. In the third year of the report we suggested gathering employee submitted photos and content through an employee contest. Since then, we’ve continued to try new ideas and get even more employee participation. The report has taken on many different shapes and looks – from an anniversary yearbook to scientific journal, and even a travel guide. In 2012, we broke the mold by completely restructuring the report and transforming it into their first-ever magazine keepsake – packed with gorgeous employee-shot photography and articles about the employee’s accomplishments.


What started as an informative piece for an engineer-dominated audience has evolved into a keepsake that all employees from around the globe look forward to each year. The report serves as a way to unite Qualcomm’s nearly 24,000 worldwide employees and has become an integral part of and reflection of their employee culture. Qualcomm has landed on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list for 15 consecutive years; flip through the pages of any Annual Report About People, and it’s easy to see why.

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