qualcomm: 2014 qualcomm cup

Qualcomm is a global leader in wireless technology and innovation. Qualcomm works hard to ensure its workforce (engineers, scientists, and business strategists) is engaged in the Qualcomm culture of teamwork and passion for the things they create. This year, the employee engagement team at Qualcomm leveraged excitement around the 2014 World Cup by launching the Qualcomm Cup, an international tournament where employees from around the globe came together at the company’s San Diego headquarters for a week of games and team building. thinkPARALLAX was tasked with initial brainstorming and for designing team logos and collateral that would connect employees across the globe.

our angle

Qualcomm supplied us with team names: eight types of dragons, a tie-in to the company’s Snapdragon technology. We focused our efforts on creating eight enticing logos inspired by each of the dragons’ unique qualities. We wanted the logos to feel like authentic Futbol club crests that would unify players and rally supporters. We decided that well-designed jerseys in a variety of bright colors would be a critical component, as well as iconic tees and fan posters that other employees could use to cheer on the competition.

In addition to developing the logos, which were used across digital and printed media, we designed a commemorative poster featuring a photo of all team members wearing their jerseys that was taken at the beginning of the tournament. With a quick turnaround, we were able to get posters in the hands of players before they returned home from the tournament.


Leading up to the tournament, Qualcomm employees decorated their cubes using the team posters we created to build excitement before the tournament. The high-quality jerseys and cohesive event materials gave the Qualcomm Cup a professional feel that impressed Qualcomm employees and spectators alike. The employee engagement team noted that the materials thinkPARALLAX created helped to take the event to the next level, making this one of the most successful events they’ve had to date.