qualcomm wireless reach: twitter strategy + community management

Qualcomm is a global leader in wireless technology and innovation. Wireless Reach brings advanced wireless technologies to underserved communities globally. Through its 100+ projects around the world, Wireless Reach is able to provide connection to those who need it most to grow economically and socially.

The Wireless Reach team approached us to build their online community through social media, with regular content and engagement, in addition to taking on a consultation role for their internal team.

our angle

Since January 2015, we have worked with the team at Wireless Reach to help showcase their efforts and increase engagement around their program and individual projects. Each project is part of one of five verticals: education, entrepreneurship, public safety, healthcare, or environmental sustainability.

While building the initial Twitter management strategy, we saw these five verticals as an opportunity to create compelling content that truly featured the purpose of each Wireless Reach project. To generate more engagement on tweets, we curated graphics that utilize certain colors and imagery to correspond to each vertical, thus developing a collection of visually compelling images that shared facts about the impact of specific projects.

In addition to creating project-focused content, we worked closely with the internal PR team to ensure all events, conferences, webinars, and project site visits were accounted for within the content calendar. With live-tweeting support through social listening tactics such as list-building and hashtag interaction, we helped develop an engaged Twitter account for users to follow.

In addition to offering consultation on Twitter strategy, we build monthly content calendars for Wireless Reach’s Twitter account, regularly engage with followers, implement social listening tactics, and, with the nature of the platform, add spur-of-the moment tweets to ensure the account exudes authenticity.

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