ripplenami: brand strategy, messaging, interactive design

RippleNami is a data visualization platform connects Businesses, NGOs, and emergency management groups with millions of real-time data points in a way that is incredibly powerful, but also simple to use and easy to understand. The platform collects data from multiple online resources and databases, integrates user-generated content, and presents information on a multi-layered map, giving organizations the ability to make time-sensitive decisions and positively impact the world. RippleNami teamed with thinkPARALLAX for help developing their brand, defining and telling their story, and building an online presence.

our angle

During the discovery phase of this project, we worked with stakeholders at RippleNami to help them articulate their brand’s personality and gain an understanding of their product’s diverse user groups. Many data visualization tools in their sector are technical, complicated, and do not feature an intuitive user experience. By comparison, RippleNami can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, without expensive training or extensive infrastructure. Attributes like intuitive, inclusive, dynamic, and relevant emerged from these discussions.

Armed with this understanding, we helped RippleNami tailor their brand’s messages to appeal to each of their user groups. Instead of presenting a one-size-fits-all value proposition to an “overall” audience, we helped them think through how they would describe their product in light of each group’s specific set of needs and values. And rather than defaulting to the same technical, overly complicated language used by other data visualization platforms in their sector, RippleNami’s voice is positive, easy to understand, and energetic.

Once RippleNami signed off on messaging, our team of designers and developers went to work. The company’s site was designed to reflect the brand’s unique personality and mirror several elements of their platform’s user experience. By incorporating elements of interactive video and animation into the site’s navigation, the end result delivers a user journey that is unlike anything else in their sector and communicates the inclusivity, energy, and sense of discovery that are hallmarks of RippleNami’s brand.