southern california edison: leadership program branding

Happy and driven employees are the center of a business’ success. Their engagement serves as a barometer of organizational health. For several years, Southern California Edison, the primary electricity supply company for much of SoCal, has provided leadership training to its employees, managers and directors. The training is intended to prepare employees for future roles and motivate them to improve the way they work together on a daily basis. SCE needed a way to unify their different leadership programs into a new program that reflected the corporation’s employee culture, clearly communicated objectives and lessons to employees, and inspired employees to improve their collaboration, delegation and communication skills in order to become better leaders.

our angle

With heavy emphasis on the concept of people and communication, we developed a new brand identity centered around dialog boxes. Using this as the visual focal point for all seven leadership courses, we created an overarching brand that was approachable, confident, cutting edge, and emotional. We saw an opportunity to rename the levels of the programs, so we developed a new naming structure and accompanying logos and color palettes that directly correlated to the process of becoming a leader. We designed tools for each of the programs – Essentials, Shift, Transform, Explore, Inspire, Drive, Accelerate, and Lead – that included personalized workbooks, presentations, handouts, videos and games.


Since the launch of Edison Leadership, SCE has been able to better engage their employees and prepare them for the transition into more advanced positions within the company. Employee feedback has been tremendously positive. In the first year of the revamped program, SCE held more than 20 training sessions, which reached nearly 640 employees and managers. In 2013, there will be more than 65 classes and 1200 participants.


“thinkPARALLAX has taken our content to the next level by providing an extremely creative approach to the look and feel of our program, enhancing our ability to engage our audience.”

Tavo Solorzano
Human Resources Consultant, Leadership & Learning Development