vital wave: website redesign + brand update

Vital Wave seeks to improve the lives of people in developing nations by empowering them with technology. The organization works with a variety of high-visibility global stakeholders: international development organizations, multinational private-sector companies, and national and regional governments. Vital Wave approached thinkPARALLAX to reimagine their brand, website, and other collateral in order to reflect the professional, modern, trustworthy nature of the organization.

our angle

In the Discovery phase of this project, we worked with stakeholders at Vital Wave to understand the pillars of their brand, what differentiated their organization from others in their sector, and what functionality and content they like wanted to include in their redesigned website.

After dissecting their site and analytics, we realized that they had an abundance of content – but it wasn’t organized efficiently. Rich, engaging content was buried in long lists of hyperlinks, and some pages that weren’t accessible at all. We helped Vital Wave streamline their content and UX, allowing website visitors to easily and intuitively access the wealth of information Vital Wave presents. UX and navigation were redesigned to reflect actual user behavior. By providing better website user flow and multiple entry points into the content, Vital Wave’s site visitors are now able to easily access relevant content, increasing time on site and reducing bounce rate.

Visually, we used color, vivid imagery, updated fonts, and interactive elements to give the Vital Wave website and brand an approachable, yet professional look and feel. We also utilized maps and country iconography to subtly highlight the global nature of the brand.

In addition to updating the Vital Wave logo and creating a new brand style guide, we also updated all existing collateral, including a PowerPoint master template, one-sheet, email newsletter, business cards, letterhead, and intranet.