the anatomy of healthy csr reporting – 5 ways to go beyond a yearly report

The human body is an amazing machine, made up of individual muscles and organs working together to support life. Consider this for a moment: while most machines simply wear out with use, our bodies actually get stronger the more we use them. When the parts of a healthy physique are working in sync, humans thrive.

Similarly, a modern CSR communication strategy is a complex entity. The rise of on-the-go connectivity and social media have opened up a bevy of new ways for organizations to broadcast their CSR messages. Similar to the way that body parts come together to accomplish a task, when the varying channels of a communication strategy are utilized to tell an organization’s CSR story, positive things happen: stakeholders take note, employees get involved, and the organization benefits.

However, in spite of all of the time and money that organizations invest in CSR reporting each year, many organizations don’t get nearly that much mileage out of their reporting. That’s because simply releasing a yearly report is not enough. Engaging a contemporary audience requires a contemporary approach.

The full issue of Perspectives examines the 5 parts of a healthy CSR report in more detail, provides examples of each strategy at work, and offers tips for maximizing the effectiveness of CSR communication. To read more, download the full version of The Anatomy of Healthy CSR Reporting.