Think and Drink: Making sustainability fashionable with disruptive denim

Think and Drink – Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and enjoy some candid conversation with business leaders from around the world who are using sustainability to transform their industries. Join us as we discuss their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with sustainability.

This episode of Think and Drink takes us to the heart of beautiful Amsterdam to meet with the founder of Mud Jeans, the Dutch “circular denim” brand that is rethinking how we buy and dispose of our clothes. Bert Van Son, CEO and Founder of MUD Jeans sits down with thinkPARALLAX Co-Founder Guusje Bendeler to talk about his company’s disruptive “lease a jeans” business model, the challenges of taking an eco-conscious apparel brand mainstream, what he’s learned during MUD’s first four years, and what he hopes the future holds for the fashion industry.

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