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  • Jeremy Handler, Hunter Industries
    CSR Manager

    “Our first Corporate Social Responsibility report designed by thinkPARALLAX has created a constructive dialogue on sustainability with our customers and employees. The report has helped strengthen our commitment to embed sustainability in our business. Striving to become better corporate citizens has set us apart in the eyes of some of our largest customers.”

  • Pam Hardy, California Western School of Law
    Director, Marketing & Communications

    “The team at thinkPARALLAX is dedicated to understanding their clients’ culture, needs, and to knowing where they can be nudged outside their comfort zone. We felt confident that the risk they encouraged us to take was well thought out and artfully executed. Our new material is eye-catching, warm, and engaging, and will influence the look and feel of our communications for years to come. We are excited to share these new materials with our prospective students!”

  • Steve Hubert, San Diego County Water Authority
    Graphic Designer

    “The Water Authority has worked with thinkPARALLAX for four consecutive years on the annual report, and we are continually amazed at how they come up new, innovative ideas, styles and concepts — you can’t beat their creativity! thinkPARALLAX has always come through for us with award-winning results.”

  • Ranessa Ashton, San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education
    Public Information Officer

    “thinkPARALLAX was a key part of the plan we developed initially to help with branding, and has remained a key piece of our communication success for the past four years.”

  • Erin Koch, Sempra Energy
    Corporate Responsibility & Communications Manager

    “We have been very happy with thinkPARALLAX in our first year working with them. Design is crisp and user-friendly. Response time is very fast. We’ve stuck to the budget. thinkPARALLAX has a great team of professionals.”

  • Tavo Solorzano, Southern California Edison
    Human Resources Consultant, Leadership & Learning Development

    “thinkPARALLAX has taken our content to the next level by providing an extremely creative approach to the look and feel of our program, enhancing our ability to engage our audience.”

  • Holly R. Crawford, San Diego County
    Assistant Director

    “Our County News Center launched today and I couldn’t be more pleased with the website. The feedback we’ve received has been incredibly positive. The project was completed in a timely manner, below budget, and the design and functionality are top notch. Thanks to you and your team for a job well done.”

  • Joshua P. Romero, UCSD Antiviral Research Center
    Senior Public Information Officer

    “With the stigma surrounding HIV, we knew it wouldn’t be easy raising awareness about the importance of HIV testing. We went to thinkPARALLAX with a concept, and they provided us with a logo, brand, and graphic style that has quickly become recognizable to our target audiences in the community. The design services they provided us are the foundation for all we do to engage the community with our outreach.”

  • Deborah Brenner, La Jolla Country Day School
    Director of Development

    “I am impressed by thinkPARALLAX’s ability to reinvent and refresh our Report on Giving each year, while enhancing the strong look and feel they originally developed for our annual fundraising campaign. It’s been wonderful to work with such a creative and responsive team.”