Amplifying Impact: How to tell your sustainability story to maximize ROI

Date: Thursday, March 28th at 10am PST

Strong Sustainability Communications = Higher ROI (Return on Impact)

Many brands expect that by integrating a sustainability strategy into their business, results such as increased recruitment and retention, stronger sales, improved reputation, higher ESG ratings, and other benefits will follow. However, embedding sustainability into the business is half the battle. Effective communication is the other. If a brand’s sustainability impact is not communicated well, its influence will be minimal, discouraging it from continuing to be a force for good, as well as diminishing the ROI of the sustainability strategy. In order to ensure the longevity and success of the sustainability efforts, it is imperative for brands to effectively communicate its impact to the appropriate audiences. We call this Amplifying Impact.

Amplifying Impact – similar to the Fibonacci sequence (nature’s secret code) amplifying impact describes how meaningfully sharing your brand’s sustainability story and garnering stakeholder support leads to greater impact and greater ROI (return on impact).

Key takeaways:

  • The holistic process of sustainability communications – from purpose to results
  • Breakdown of key components of sustainability communications, including corporate narrative, communications framework, and communication planning
  • How to communicate with key audiences from investors to customers
  • Best-in-class examples of brands amplifying impact

Presenter: Guusje Bendeler – Co-CEO + Head Strategy & Creative

Guusje heads up the strategy and creative departments at thinkPARALLAX. She’s excellent at keeping a 30,000 foot view while connecting the dots and seeing the crucial details. Through better storytelling around sustainability, she pushes the envelope for both her clients and her teams to think bigger and more aspirational when it comes to creating positive systemic change in society and on the planet. Guusje was born in the Netherlands and attended the Royal Academy of Arts before moving to the US. She has worked at renowned branding agencies, creating award-winning identities, campaigns, and reports. While teaching at San Diego State University’s School of Art, Design and Art History, together with Jonathan Hanwit, she started thinkPARALLAX in 2003 as a woman-owned business.

Her work with clients such as Southwest Airlines, Qualcomm, International Paper, and Scotiabank — has included overseeing the development and implementation of strategies for more effectively communicating their sustainability impact in an effort to achieve increased ROI and greater impact.