Creating core values that actually inspire employees

How corporate values can actually inspire employees

With COVID-19 shaking businesses across the world, the importance of corporate values has never been more evident. This crisis has stoked a palpable emotional response from employees, and leaning into a strong set of core values has helped some companies create a sense of comfort and familiarity during these uncertain times. Strong values have also helped companies increase resiliency by maintaining culture during the sudden shift to remote work and guiding leaders as they navigate and communicate difficult decision-making.

While this crisis has certainly reinforced the importance of values, their role as cultural cornerstones and a company’s internal compass withstands regardless of a global pandemic. Core values articulate what makes a company’s culture unique and special while uniting and inspiring employees around deeply ingrained principles they agree to be most important. Just as our personal values motivate our beliefs and behaviors, core values guide action and decision-making as employees carry out the company’s mission and vision.

The key to developing core values that employees will actually embrace is uncovering shared values that already exist. Download our free whitepaper to learn more.