Helping to craft the inaugural ESG report for a leading U.S. residential solar and storage service provider


As a leading residential solar and energy storage service company, Sunnova has positive social and environmental impact in its DNA and sustainability is both a core value and top priority. From driving innovation in residential solar and storage services, to inspiring positive social change in its communities, the company is committed to advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) within the solar and storage industry.

After a successful initial public offering in 2019, Sunnova set its sights on accelerating its ESG strategy because the company recognized the importance and value of communicating its ESG performance to investors and other stakeholders alongside financial reporting.

The challenge

As a first-time reporter, Sunnova was looking to develop its ESG strategy into a narrative for multiple internal and external stakeholders. Keeping the company’s target audiences informed about its ESG strategy and progress was a top priority. Sunnova’s environmental opportunities were already apparent, but the company recognized that a holistic ESG story would require a multifaceted approach and finding the right partners to help them achieve their goal was essential. 

Our solution

Sunnova partnered with thinkPARALLAX to help build an ESG report that was informed by deep research, industry benchmarking, asset reviews, and internal and external stakeholder interviews. Given the company’s innovative spirit, we collaborated on a unique ESG brand for Sunnova’s reporting. For content, we highlighted the human stories, aligned the report to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), including a SASB index with relevant ESG metrics. 

In close partnership with Sunnova, thinkPARALLAX provided the framework for content strategy, copywriting, and design to ensure delivery of the highest quality product possible. Ultimately, the report was completed on time, all project goals were met, and thinkPARALLAX had one more happy client.

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Key outcomes

Key Outcomes

Established a foundation for the company’s annual ESG report to be continuously improved year-over-year

Supported the next critical step in Sunnova’s ESG reporting journey to consolidate ESG information and provide leading ESG communications among residential solar companies

“The launch of our inaugural report marks our official line in the sand for ESG reporting at Sunnova. Through thinkParallax’s thoughtful approach to storytelling and design, and their ability to keep our report on time and on track, we produced an ESG report that truly defines what it means to Power the Future.”

Kelsey Hultberg
VP, Chief of Staff – Office of the CEO, Sunnova

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