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Views, opinions, and lessons learned from our work in brand purpose, sustainability, company culture, and communications.

How to promote your sustainability story on social media as a B2B company

by Shannon Valdes on Tuesday March 5, 2019

When planning your sustainability messaging strategy, social media might not be top of mind. After all, social media is inherently fun and friendly, whereas sustainability is traditionally dry, corpor.... READ MORE

What is a strategic framework and why do you need one?

by Shannon Valdes on Tuesday January 22, 2019

Does your business have a sustainability program that addresses material, environmental, social, and corporate governance risks and opportunities? If yes, can you answer the following questions?.... READ MORE

How to Communicate Diversity and Inclusion When You Aren’t Quite There Yet

by Shannon Valdes on Wednesday October 24, 2018

While sustainability and citizenship mean different things to different people, these terms are most commonly associated with a company’s impact on the external world, focusing heavily on social and.... READ MORE


How to promote your sustainability story on social media as a B2B company-