Sami Grover

Director, Communications Strategy

Sami has a 16+ year career as a communications strategist, branding expert, and climate writer. He’s previously led sustainability and mission-focused communications for clients including Burt’s Bees, Self Help Credit Union, and Jada Pinkett Smith. He’s also written thousands of articles on topics ranging from climate politics to electric transportation. His byline has appeared in publications including Treehugger and Mother Jones. In 2020, he published his first book—We’re All Climate Hypocrites Now—which argues for a more pragmatic, systems-based approach to ‘individual action’ on climate. At home, he can be usually found composting, foraging for edible mushrooms, or subjecting his wife and daughters to his terrible tastes in music. Fluent in English, Finnish, German and Danish, Sami is a proud ‘word nerd.’ Speaking of words, according to Adweek he's responsible for co-coining the term ‘greenhushing.’ Originally from England, Sami now lives in Durham, North Carolina.

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