what we do

We build stronger brands and better businesses.

We help businesses leverage the power of purpose at both the broader organizational level and within targeted teams. Our work includes brand purpose articulation and positioning, narrative development, and campaign and content creation.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility report created by thinkPARALLAX has created a constructive dialogue on sustainability with our customers and employees. The report has helped strengthen our commitment to embed sustainability in our business. Striving to become better corporate citizens has set us apart in the eyes of some of our largest customers.

Jeremy Handler, CSR Manager, Hunter Industries

our services

How we help you become
a better business

Our starting point with every client is strategy. This phase is fundamental to our process of helping clients surface, refine and strengthen their purpose. From there, we work with a select set of clients to clearly articulate their brand purpose to all stakeholders, embed purpose throughout their organizations, and execute on their strategic communication plans.


The path to a stronger brand starts with a purpose-driven strategy. Our work begins by focusing on the foundational elements of your brand - mission, vision, and values - and engaging with key stakeholders to understand your distinct culture, challenges, priorities, and purpose. This highly collaborative process provides critical feedback, aligns leadership, and gives our team the insight and clarity we need to help you move forward with confidence.

  • Brand purpose and positioning
  • Brand and corporate narrative development
  • Citizenship and communications strategy
  • User experience and user journey mapping
  • Research, focus groups, facilitated working sessions


With the strategic foundation in place, and your values and vision crystallized, it's time to share your unique story with the world. Our team of expert storytellers create integrated campaigns, targeted messages, and develop engaging content for a variety of platforms - ensuring your story resonates, while strengthening your brand, and business.

  • Integrated campaigns
  • Purpose and citizenship reporting
  • Thought leadership platforms and content development
  • Web design and content strategy
  • Social media planning and management
  • Employer brand development and culture activation
  • Video

Levels of engagement

The path to becoming a better business isn't always clear or easy — even the smallest steps require big thinking. We're here to help you navigate the journey.

Level 1 - Functional

As the title implies, our work at the functional level focuses on problem solving with a specific team or department within a larger organization.


  • Developing a community engagement strategy and supporting messaging with a corporate giving team
  • Employer brand development and outreach materials with the HR dept 
  • Developing core messaging and tactical support for government relations, public relations, or public affairs team

Level 2 - Cross-functional

At the cross-functional level, our work requires the engagement of the leaders and teams representing a cross-section of teams or departments in a larger organization.


  • Brand strategy and positioning for a specific business or brand within a larger family of brands
  • Aligning corporate messaging and priorities with brand or business-level priorities
  • Facilitated workshops or working sessions to improve collaboration between key functions 

Level 3 - Organization-wide

At the highest level, our work impacts entire organizations, and requires the engagement of key leadership including the C-suite and the teams that support them.


  • Corporate or brand narrative development
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Strategic planning for marketing and communications
  • Overview videos and supporting activation planning

Who we work with

Our ideal client is a leader who understands the value of purpose. (S)he knows that the greatest challenge is often in amplifying the purpose that might exist and aligning stakeholders around it to fully bring it to life. We are at our best when working with enlightened C-level leaders (or senior executives in cross-functional roles). They are often at a crucial transition point, whether it’s a change in leadership, a merger or acquisition, or the realization that this is the moment to get it right.

What does success look like?

When well articulated and fully activated, purpose can help ...

  • ... increase brand trust and loyalty
  • ... earn the loyalty and respect of your employees
  • ... recruit and retain top talent
  • ... stand the test of time
  • ... build great relationships with communities and neighbors
  • ... develop leaders that inspire others to follow
  • ... create a stronger reputation and greater resilience in crises
  • ... build a platform for proactive communications on issues that matter
  • ... create meaningful differentiation
  • ... inspire innovation