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Strategy & Planning

The path to effective sustainability communications starts with a strong strategy. Our work begins by focusing on the foundational elements of your brand - mission, vision, and values - and engaging with key stakeholders to understand your distinct culture, challenges, priorities, and purpose. We partner with your team to identify key priorities, develop goals, and establish KPIs to track forward progress.

Thanks to our collaboration with thinkPARALLAX, our revised vision and mission are pointing us to the true north. The new strategic framework that you developed is helping our leaders from the CEO to managers engage, align and inspire employees; we are also using the five strategic drivers to engage our external shareholders and to form strategic partnerships with non-governmental organizations so that we can pursue shared goals.

Tom Cleves, VP Global Citizenship, International Paper

Brand purpose and positioning

Whether you already have a mission, vision, or purpose in place that simply needs refining or are starting from scratch, we work with your organization’s senior leaders to develop a clearly articulated and relevant purpose that ensures a strategic positioning.

  • Competitive landscape research
  • Communication audit
  • Audience mapping
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Values and purpose crafting
  • Mission and vision consultation

Brand and corporate narrative development

In order to engage stakeholders, you will need a compelling narrative. We work with your organization’s senior leaders to package your purpose, mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives into a narrative that is captivating and digestible for all audiences -- whether it comes from the brand level or the entire organization.

  • Brand message platform
  • Corporate narrative development

Citizenship and communications strategy

Develop a strategy to clearly and effectively communicate your brand’s purpose.

  • Citizenship (CSR/Sustainability) strategy
  • Citizenship (CSR/Sustainability) framework development
  • Communications planning
  • GRI consulting

User experience and user journey mapping

An important part to any communication plan is the digital presence of your brand or organization. Understanding how different stakeholder groups engage with your brand or organization is essential to effective communications. Because each audience has different interests, we map out how they prefer to interact with your brand or organization and develop user flows accordingly.

Research, focus groups, facilitated working sessions

Research is imperative to any strategy work and a natural part of the strategy services we engage in with you. Sometimes it might be necessary to go beyond the normal research and discovery and to engage in deeper learnings in order to develop the correct objectives.

  • Materiality assessments
  • Internal working sessions
  • Stakeholder research
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis