Beam Suntory

Developing a consumer-facing responsible drinking platform for the world’s third-largest spirits company

As the world’s third-largest spirits company, Beam Suntory recognized the need to raise its voice in the conversation about responsible drinking and reclaim its head seat at the table for this important dialogue. Beam Suntory relied on thinkPARALLAX to update the language, strategic focus areas, communications platform, and website for the company’s branded responsible drinking platform, Drink Smart (

This project gave us the opportunity to help strengthen the company’s reputation by bridging the gap between Beam Suntory’s messaging and their actions, and align a diverse community of consumers and corporate stakeholders on the brand vision for responsible drinking. The Drink Smart platform also allowed us to address a vital issue in a consistent, cohesive way across the global company’s business units, fortifying our cause and impact.

Our revamp of the Drink Smart platform encouraged a shift in Beam Suntory’s broader communications strategy, placing a renewed emphasis on the diversity of their audience and the importance of going beyond consumer education to make a meaningful emotional connection. The finished product resulted in not only a significantly enhanced user experience, but also a major step forward by the brand in setting a new industry standard for committing to key issues that directly affect customers and society at-large.

Strategy | key deliverables and activities

  • Brand consulting
  • Corporate messaging development
  • Product responsibility framework
  • Focus groups and facilitated working sessions
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • DrinkSmart platform

Activation | key deliverables and activities

  • Web design and development
  • Translation services
  • DrinkSmart website homepage