Edison International

Creating a culture of leadership through experiential education

Edison International, the parent company of Southern California Edison (the primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California), came to thinkPARALLAX with a need to overhaul their new-hire orientation program. In addition to developing a brand for the program, we were tasked with creating highly customized learning activities (including puzzles, role plays, card sorting, games, and more), and a Prezi show to educate (and entertain) new employees.

We began by delving into the culture of Edison International, with the goal of understanding how to most effectively engage new hires on a personal level. New-hire orientation is often perceived as a tedious administrative process, but we knew there is a better way—it can be a positive, engaging experience. We created a visually rich and interactive learning experience that, in concert with the activities we devised, enabled new hires to better understand the company, the resources and opportunities available to them, as well as employer expectations. Presenting this content in a fun and interesting way has not only helped jump-start the success of new employees, but it has also increased retention rates. The revamped program has also resulted in a more consistent learning experience across the company.

For a separate project, Southern California Edison needed a way to unify multiple leadership programs into a cohesive program that reflected the company culture; clearly communicated objectives to employees; and inspired its people to improve their collaboration, delegation and communication skills to become better leaders.

We successfully developed a new brand identity centered around the theme of interpersonal communication, ensuring it was approachable, confident, cutting-edge, and compelling. We developed a new naming structure and accompanying logos and color palettes that directly correlated to the process of emerging as a leader. We designed a myriad of supporting tools, including personalized workbooks, presentations, handouts, videos and games.

Since the launch of Edison Leadership, SCE has been more successful than ever with engaging employees and preparing them for more advanced positions. Employee feedback has been tremendously positive, and in the first year of the reinvented program, SCE held more than 20 training sessions, which reached nearly 640 employees and managers.

Strategy | key deliverables and activities

  • Leadership brand strategy
  • Revamped New Employee Orientation
  • Leadership program communications strategy
  • Edison University red board session

Activation | key deliverables and activities

  • Program branding
  • Print collateral (workbooks, hands on games)
  • Interactive tools
  • Video
  • Signage
  • Microsite
  • Infographics
  • PPTs